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About OCP Maintenance Solutions

OCP Maintenance Solutions is an Independent business unit of OCP Group specialized in reliability and maintenance.

OCP Maintenance Solutions is an asset management consultancy and software development BU within OCP Group specialized in advanced Reliability and Maintenance 4.0 solutions for the service multiple industries. Through the utilization of cutting-edge IIOT, Big Data, Data Analytics and Machine Learning technologies, it developed highly trusted software toolkits for Predictive Maintenance 4.0 tailored its customers’ requirements. OCP Maintenance Solutions offers a variety of high-value added services and products to predict and assist its internal and external industrial customers to achieve optimized maintenance plans and production availability by substantially reducing the risk of unplanned shutdowns. The Business Unit is fostering its national presence through establishing offices all over Morocco through the entirety of industrial sites belonging to OCP Group.

About Ocp Maintenance Solutions

Innovative Solutions and Ideas

OCP Maintenance Solutions main goal is to combine its reliability and maintenance expertise acquired throughout the years with the out-of-the-box use of cutting-edge technologies (i.e. IIoT, Big Data, AI, ML, etc …) to assist its customers in maintenance using the best solutions in the market for 4.0 maintenance.

  • Assisting and providing end-to-end consultancy services to our clients in identifying their specific digitalization needs.

  • Development of highly sophisticated software solutions tailored to the stringent requirements of our clients whilst ensuring seamless integrations with production units.

  • Development of advanced predictive models in AR environments for an enhanced analysis and reporting.

Innovative Solutions and Ideas

OCP Maintenance Solutions is specialized and well versed in industry 4.0 and (industrial) Internet of Things – called IoT. Through the latter technologies, we offer massive potential for improved productivity and better-quality process reliability through intelligent and networked systems. ALLENS is today’s optimal solution to embed your machinery, plants and products into business processes through an Industrial IoT and Big Data ecosystem.

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