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OCP Maintenance Solutions, through its know-how and high expertise in the reliability and predictive maintenance domain is offering a plethora of high-quality services and on-field interventions through the following technologies:

Automated Data Processing

Through our business expertise, we offer hardware and software solutions to set-up a predictive maintenance environment for equipments.

Industrial Trainings

Our main challenge is to reinvent and adapt trainings to industrialists through real case studies, simulations, serious games and digital training material.

Spectral Vibration Measurements & Analysis

We offer the spectral vibration measurement and analysis to inspect, and analyze vibration levels of equipments.

Oil analysis

OCP Maintenance solutions monitors your lubrication mechanisms and processes by analyzing lubricants (i.e. detection of oil contaminations and degradations).

Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT)

OCP Maintenance solutions offers advanced inspections for welding and corrosion in equipments.

Ultrasound Leak Detection and Analysis

Our team of experts is here to help you anticipate breakdowns by detecting leak location.


Changes in temperature might be a key symptom of emerging problems in machines. OMS offers temperature measurements of different types of machines at different function points. .

Ultrasonic thickness measurement

In order to perform non-destructive measurements of equipments local thickness, OMS offers Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement (UTM) through powerful tools and techniques.

Structure analysis

OMS allows you to visualise machinery movements invisible to the eye through motion amplification cameras.

Equipments balancing

OMS offers dynamic balancing services to avoid deterioration of equipment components.

Laser alignement

Through OMS laser alignment services, an increased production time as well as a substantial reduction of vibration and maintenance costs are guaranteed.

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